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  April 27, 2017  
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Since 1997 Amazing Print has served the business-to-consumer and business-to-business market spaces with innovative products and services focused on print technologies and print marketing solutions. 1000's of people all over the world use our award winning eCardBuilder to power their own private branded print stores and enabling visitors to easily design and order custom business cards online. Backed by superior graphic services and customer support, Amazing Print continues to be a leader in the web to print field.

Amazing Print in the News Catching up with Web2Print Slava Apel of Amazing Print on July 3, 2014 - Monday, December 08, 2014
Slava Apel, CEO of Amazing Print, talks to Eric Vessels about what is new at the company and how they are innovating to support their customer base. Video Interview

Web-to-Print leader Slava Apel to speak at Print Community Forum Tradeshow Nov 2014
Keynote speaker and an exhibitor at Graphic Arts Magazine’s Print Community Forum Tradeshow Slava Apel will be teaching on How To Sell Printing in This Ultra-Challenging Economy.   read more...
2013 Provider “Pros to Know” Award Winner
Supply & Demand Chain Executive Announces Slava Apel of Amazing Print Corp to be one of the top 2013 Pros to Know Award Winners   read more...
Top 100 Great Supply Chain Projects of 2013
Amazing Print is a 2013 “SDCE 100” Winner Honored in Annual Awards Program   read more...
Top 100 Integrations. Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine Feb 2012 - Thursday, May 24, 2012
Amazing Print, Corp is proud to announce that it has been selected as a 2012 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 for it's successful web to print software integration.   read more...
Top 100 Suppliers. Print Professional Magazine Oct 2011

Amazing Print is Top 100 USA Suppliers to Printing Industry according to Print Professional magazine October 2011 issue.


Top 10 Mistakes in Selling Web-to-Print. Print Solutions Magazine - Nov 2011

Print Solutions Magazine asked three of the industry's
top Web-to-print (W2P) experts and got a facinating range of answers. We asked Slava Apel, founder and chief executive offices of Amazing Print.


Printing Impressions — April 2011

Make Money with QR Code.
Slava Apel, CEO of Amazing- Print, which has been offering QR codes as part of its Web-to-print modules for the past two years.


Graphic Arts Magazine - January 2011

The Cloud: the next revolution in computing.

There are also costs to consider with on-premise solutions, such as costs for hardware, software, power, physical space, IT staff and continual upgrades. Apel suggests buying service as a product instead – the ultimate outsourcing – because if you own it, you're the one responsible.
Read more... 
Same at Digital Imaging Association


Canadian Printer (March 2007) Editor's View Point

"Amazing Print isn't a printing company, it's a technology company that has been developing its Web-to-print application since 1997"


Printing Equipment Guilde (April 2007)
Pioneer in Web-to-Print Procurement Solutions Is First To Offer "Capture Cards to Online Customer Base"   read more...
Print Solutions Magazine (March 2007) COVER STORY.

"Web-to-print softare experts change the print buying landscape forever”


Print Solutions Magazine (March 2007) FEATURE STORY - Monday, March 17, 2008
Automation turns web-to-print into “just add paper”


Print Action Magazine, Top 35 Most Influential. July 2010 Issue

Amazing Print CEO, Slava Apel, has been selected to be one of 2010 most 35 influential Canadians in Print, shaping the future of Canadian printing.


Web-to-Print-to-Profit. March 2010 cover story.

By Krista Scarlett — Web-to-Print-to-Profit: March 2010
Industry leaders discuss the best tactics for profiting from web-to-print solutions.
"without the right strategy, a good system means nothing." says Slava Apel


E-Document News (May 2006) - Monday, April 30, 2007

"Capture Business Card Announces Partnership with Amazing Print Corp. - Pioneer in Web-Based Print Procurement Solutions Is First To Offer Capture Card Products to Customer Base"


Print Solutions Magazine. August 2009 issue

Is Cloud Computing On Your Horizon? By Rebecca Trela

"Apel takes his leadership responsibilities as a business owner seriously, he says, and is always looking for ways to innovate. "...

..."The reason why web-to-print was born in the first place was the biggest virtualization of graphic design services," Apel says. For more than a decade, the industry has realized that it's a cost-effective way to get printing done. But it's also a green way to do business, too.

In the future, Apel anticipates that more and more users will offload their virtual work onto suppliers' systems. "If you're dealing with an agency that is proofing a job online, you could take it one step further. You could give them controlled access to your mainframe, and let their designer make the job online. You could watch them use it and help them. They'd be using your fonts, your colors—I could see that as the near future." ....


Graphic Monthly (June 2005 Vol. 25 No.3)
“…Amazing Print may succeed, where many others have failed…”  
Canadian Printer Magazine, Jan/Feb 2009 issue

Welcoming Web2Print (cover story).

"...Apel developed his first Web-Based application for driving print in 1997. "We didn't call it Web-to-Print untill after 2000" says, Apel..."


Graphic Monthly (August 1999 Vol. 20 No.4)
“…Printers make first moves online find business can be just clicks away…”  
Graphic Monthly (Feb 2008) Editor's View Point
If you look at the really fast-growing companies in the printing industry, many of them are Internet based.
...Amazing Print seems to be doing well and are Internet based...   read more...

WhatTheyThink video interview. June 2009 - Friday, August 14, 2009 CEO Slava Apel on the importance of web to print.

Cary Sherburne interviewing Slava Apel at the Philadelphia OnDemand 2009 tradeshow.


Graphic Monthly (February 2007 Vol. 28 No.1)
“…Amazing Print is successful because they're very good at getting high listings on engine searches...”   read more...
Print Action Magazine, March 2009 issue

Any Portal in a Storm by Zac Bolan.

"...Amazing Print has developed a complete suite of tools specifically for this market niche. Printers can implement a simple template-based web shop with eCardBuilder"


Amazing Print Company Overview  

Amazing Print Company Overview

HQ:  Toronto, Ontario 
Led by:  Slava Apel, CEO

Since 1997, has supplied print technologies as well as print marketing products and services to B2C and B2B markets. AmazingPrint has created an entire suite of software applications that provide printers with template based design online products and software tools used for on-demand printing services.

Consumers and businesses around the world use eCardBuilder to allow visitors to easily design and order custom stationery products online. Current clients include OfficeMax, AWT, PIP Printing, BCTs, MailBoxesEtc, SirSpeedy, and thousands more. AmazingPrint solutions can be applied to B2B, B2C, B2b, P2P, wholesale, retail, kiosk, and other markets. The company has a team devoted to Web development and custom development, and focuses on quick printer chains, such as SirSpeedy and KwikKopy.

Primary Products and Services

  • eCardBuilder: Software solution that enables a storefront creation and management for the sale of template driven business cards, postcards and other 20+ stationery products. Packed with thousands of pre-made templates.
  • eCardReview: Online color proofing software for custom design and print orders, with collaboration, tracking and annotation tools.
  • eCardGroup: Provides corporate printing services software for B2B, Branded storefronts and specific verticals. Brand management, group permissions and multi teir reproting.
  • eCard1: Customized workflows and online design for printing web-to-print services that combines assortment of many technologies; VDP/1:1, file transfer, PURLs, Transpromo, B2C storefronts and corporate storefronts. Catered to every print shop's individual preferences.

Amazing Print, Corp

Product spotlight Description
Product Name:   eCardBuilder
Vendor Name, URL:   AmazingPrint, Corp,

eCardBuilder is a Web-to-print solution that offers a complete Web site with online postcard, greetingcard, letterhead, business card and other stationery design tools and a print shop management system. 

 eCardBuilder has multiple wizards that capture client’s information. It also features multilingual and multi-currency support for French, Spanish, and English. Wholesale pricing, product selection, and real-time reports are included in the solution.

 eCardBuilder provides a content management system (CMS) for corporate and kiosk storefronts, features a versatile storefront creation tool, over 20 pre-built products, over 15,000 customizable templates, template search engines, do-it-yourself checkouts, a desktop file upload feature for branded print drivers, FTP replacement, VDP online functionality and a PDF converter and Online file pre-flight.

Amazing Print offers three licensing plans to incorporate low- to high-volume printing service Web sites. Each plan includes over 15,000+ template options with additional features.

  • Affiliates: This basic solution provides control over sale reports, commission, tracking abilities as well as pre-built eCommerce.
  • Dealers/Brokers: This solution features tracking orders, promotions, integration of shopping cart, customizable Web site, multiple storefront accounts, Web statistic reporting, control over retail prices,  sales reports as well as pre-built eCommerce.
  • Printers: This solution provides the most features including promotions, own or external shopping cart, customizable Web site, customizable shipping rates and offers, integration with couriers, control over retail pricing and customer information, ability to add additional products, coupons, distributor accounts, the ability to brand, pre-built eCommerce and more.

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