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  April 27, 2017  
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Cross browser web to print software eCardBuilder

eCardBuilder is a 24/7 – intuitive, template based, cloud hosted, printing storefront, that rapidly increases sales, lowers operating costs for most commonly ordered printed products.

eCardBuilder Web to Print Software Key Product Features:

business card design tool Online postcard and business card design tools and print shop management system
web to print software Complete website packed with Web to Print functionality
business card design templates 15,000+ business card design templates across hundreds of categories. Thousands more in postcard design templates
web-to-print Cheapest way to get into web to print business model. Choose from FREE Web to Print software, one time low set up or custom web to print storefronts. Pick transaction based or monthly fees or server based with no recurring fees!
web to print Supports multiple printing services: postcards, business cards, greeting cards, envelopes, checks, stamps and more.

eCardBuilder Web to Print Design Online Software Benefits:

web-based business card design Completely web-based business card design, Postcard templates and more, accessible 24x7
Point-and-click wizard Point-and-click wizards capture your customers' information
Product fulfillment and customer service can be provided by Amazing Print affiliates or do your own printing service and support
web to print card software Multi-language support and multi-currency support is already built in to the web to print card software
printing software Easy printing software integration into any website, into any shopping cart
WYSIWYG business card design Simple WYSIWYG business card design order page customization or any other popular print product
website for printers Wholesale network wide fulfillment pricing, product selection, Real Time reports
printers pricelist software Pricing structures for products easily set and managed through the web
printing service websites Flexible licensing plans from low to high volume printing service websites

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web to print eCardBuilder software technology

eCardBuilder sign up options

The table below provides a feature comparison of each of our eCardBuilder web to print options.

15,000+ business card background choices x x x
20 million high resolution stock photo images x x x
15+ ready to go most popular products x x x
Tracking orders x x x
Create your own promotions/specials   x x
Has own shopping cart x x x
Integration into popular shopping carts     x
Flawed printing liability shift x x  
Customizable website   x x
Fixed percentage based commission x    
Customizable profit margin   x x
Unique website URL   x x
Web Statistics Reporting   x x
Level of HTML or programming knowledge Basic Low Medium
Customizable shipping rates     x
Own shipping UPS/FedEx account     x
Free shipping offers     x
Ability to use your own merchant account     x
Ability to use your own shopping cart     x
Receive print files for self printing     x
Ability to change retail prices   x x
Choose the products you want to sell   x x
View sales reports x x x
View customer contact information   x x
Coupon codes x x x
Integration costs None Low Medium
Ongoing fees Commission Transactional Monthly Fee
Cost per sale $0 $0 Low
Involvement/Effort Low Low Medium
Customer Support provided by Printer Printer Printer
Markup/Profit Fixed Variable Custom
Branding Printers' Co-Branded Your
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Frequently asked web to print questions:

What is so unique about eCardBuilder™?
eCardBuilder™ is a complete web to print storefront solution for your business. It supports printers, brokers, distributors and affiliate models.  eCardBuilder™ comes complete with a Designer/Product Builder, shopping cart and production interface, with everything in between to ensure your products are 100% personal to your customers needs. 

Is eCardBuilder™ a Download or Online Client?
eCardBuilder™ is an online client, this provides many advantages, as the customer does not have to download any components in order to use the design online interface. This web to print technology also allows 1000's of users to be designing their products with no impact on their systems, computers or mobile phones.

Can we customize the interface?
Yes. All features in eCardBuilder™ can be modified to meet the requirements of each individual product you create. For example, if you are creating a Letterhead product, you can turn off the shadow feature, as this wont be needed in spot color environment. Besides the product level customizations, you can modify the look and feel of the website to make it look like an extension of your brand.

Is eCardBuilder™ Mac compatible?
Yes, unlike other download or script heavy software, eCardBuilder™ is 100% compatible with Mac operating systems. Everything you see in the Windows version is included in the Mac side. eCardBuilder is used not only in desktop environment, as we see many successful transactions from customers using their mobile phones as well. 

What operating systems can our customer use?
eCardBuilder™ fully supports Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS 10.3.x, Mac OS 10.4.x and Mac OS 10.5.x. Intel and PowerMac are both supported; Windows 7 is also included. Practically, any computer or web enabled device that can connect to a website can be used to purchase customized online products.

How do we create our products?
Unlike other software, all products are created by customers. eCardBuilder™ comes preloaded with thousands of templates and comes ready with many popular products like: Postcards, Business Cards, Letterheads, Self Inking Stamps and so many more. This means there is no waiting around for a product to be created to meet your requirements as you are ready to go live with a fully stocked website day one. 

All you have to do is specify the preferences of the product, type of stock, type of paper, pricing, etc. You can then design page styles to be included in the product, categorize categories and allow your customers to use these styles, as well as create their own. In eCardBuilder™ everything is customizable.

Where is the processing done to prepare the print ready files?
As eCardBuilder™ is a server based client, the processing happens on Amazing Print's servers. Our servers can manage huge volumes of files being prepared for print at a same time. Your initial preferences dictate the color spectrum (CMYK, Spot, RGB etc) as well as the file type (Tif, PDF, JPG etc) as well as the file dimensions (bleeds, resolution, safe areas etc) as well as naming convention or file transfer methods.  

What do you get when you buy eCardBuilder™?
You get a fully stocked web to print interface that you can use to attract new customers or service the old customers. You get web to print templates, you get web to print ready clipart or images and you get ready to sell products. You also get a customizable interface that fits into your website or a design online interface that can stand by itself as it's own website.

Which output devices are compatible with the software?
eCardBuilder™ supports any output device capable of handling PDF, JPEG or TIFF files in an RGB or CMYK color spaces. 

What languages are supported?
Currently eCardBuilder™ supports most North American and European languages.
More languages are on the way, contact us to find out when your language will be released.

What if my customers are multinational?
eCardBuilder™ offers many shipping or language modules that fit into most international or multinational markets. 

Can we create multiple brands?
Yes, with our licensing options you can target many different markets with a different brand. For example, your company could have many different websites, all with different names to target different markets. Or your company could have one production facility with thousands of distributors, each having their own unique brand, product or pricing methods.

Can our customers print their products themselves?
eCardBuilder™ encrypts all projects so that only you can print their products. The files are downloadable only by you or your production facility. The steps are taken so there is no way anyone can use design online software and print their project anywhere else. 

Do you sell final printed products?
No, we only deal with the software; we leave the rest down to you. Unlike other developers we do not sell printed products directly, and there is no conflict of interest or competition between us. We do however have multiple trade printers on our network that would be happy to print for you. We would take care of any and all of the support in a 3rd party printing environment.

Is eCardBuilder™ available in my country?
We have distributors located all over the World and we will be happy to provide eCardBuilder™ to you wherever you are! Contact us or find your nearest web to print software distributor. 

Can we work with multiple currencies?
Yes, eCardBuilder™ is Multi Currency ready. You can specify the currencies you wish to work with, or use a Base Exchange rate to manage the pricing for different currencies. 

Can we integrate eCardBuilder™ with other systems?
Yes, many eCardBuilder™ customers have integrated to third party or in house systems. This can be via a direct link to the database; manual data export or automated XML links. We also provide many web services and latest technological "handshakes". In our history we have integrated with management software (MIS), accounting software, or other web to print company technologies.

How can I see a complete demo of eCardBuilder™?
eCardBuilder™ front end, or retail end is easy to see on thousands of websites, but in order to have a complete capability demonstration, of back office administration areas, plug ins, products, please book a demo by going to a contact us form.


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